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January 19th.
The day that always hits me like a freight train.
I always feel like it comes fast and furious.
Out of the blue with no warning.
 Like the New Year but with much more excitement. 
It's here.
Every year.

11 years to be exact.

 To the first boy that made me a boy mom.
I didn't know what I would do with a boy then,
 I don't know what I would do without them now.
(maybe I'm still trying to figure that one out.)

Today is his day and I celebrate that.

As I am now watching all of my off spring grow into the awesome humans
they were always meant to be,
a parent can't help but see all the traits that define them.
Learned, acquired, passed down or just him from the get go,
I am pretty proud of where he comes from,
who he is and where he is going.

Kind Hearted.

This kid came out exactly how he is.
There was no molding him-
That's Dylan. 

In this past eleven years, 
I have to admit
I have tried to get in that brain and 
figure out what in the hell....

Is every other boy like this?!

Lord help me-
 it has been a learned trait for this mama. 
He has taught me so much. 
SO much. 

I embrace all things him. 
This smart, witty, extradoinary kid...
and we kid,
is going to end up being a millionaire or working at his favorite fast food joint. 
He prefers the latter...
How or why he comes up with this stuff is beyond me. 

"Raise the bar Dylan." I tell him.
"Why, I'll get free food!" he replies.

The glass half full guy. 
I am so not that girl- 
And this is the moment as a parent we are glad to be raising 
kids that are better humans than yourself.
 The ever optimistic, happy, flexible kid. 
How is he even mine?

He is so mine. 
Out spoken.
Truth be told.
No filter. 
Loud laugh-er.
Out of the mouth of babes. 

 He's mine.

The boys boy.

I can't complain about that one bit.
I'm proud of his priorities, in no particular order.

The simple things.
The real, authentic, ever knowing and unconditional loving...
This kid- 

He hits me like a freight train.
Fast and furious.
Out of the blue with no warning.

 That's my Dylan.
And today he turns eleven.

Happy Birthday Son.
I love you.

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