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oh boy...

We gathered to celebrate him...
Details galore of our baby shower. 
His arrival is much anticipated.
This kid also has no idea how much he is already loved.

Having a house full of the best family and friends was the best gift a girl could ask for. 
But to also leave us a house full of all the "baby necessities" left me feeling so grateful 
and maybe a little confused. 
What is all of this stuff and why is it in our home?? I kid.
But seriously, it's been 10+ years for this mama 
and I think in that time and with my age,
 coupled with our experience, 
it has given me that much more appreciation, patience, love, and humor.  

However I do feel...
Basics are the same.
Morals are the same. 
Values are the same.
Discipline is the same. 
A strong sense of self is a must.

Not much has really changed in my parenting handbook. 
I tend to look at the track record and the results. 
I have two exceptional guinea pigs. ;)

Great kids aren't just created, they are made.
I am so looking forward to making yet another great kiddo. 
Another Rock-star.

Adventure Awaits!
why yes, yes it does. 
 I couldn't be more excited to see just where it takes me, us and our family. 
One thing I know for certain- 
there could not be any more loved squeezed under this roof
we call home as we await his little adventurous self. 

Here's to our little Arizona Native, 
because there's no other place we'd rather be. 


Baby Shower Success!! 

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