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his big little space...

 His big little space. 
Made up of all things growing boy. 
Our boy. Our little. Our rock-star. Our dude.
I could not be more ready to meet him and welcome him into this crazy world we love. 
Our home is ready. Our hearts are bursting. Our patience for his arrival is overdue.
9 days and counting- every minute of every one. 

When I started the design process for his space I was torn a million ways from Sunday. 
Imagination overload. 
Color pallet galore. 
Can't a beautifully printed catalogue-esq room just appear without 
returns, orders, receipts, color swatches, fabric quality worry?
Can't everything just work with the click of a mouse?
No- because I have to touch everything- 100 times. 
I know, I do it to myself but my process is so gratifying when it's all said and done. 
The hard way. It's always my way.

Once I tried all things not me, I confirmed what I knew all along. 
The color pallet. 
Neutral yet rustic. 
Grey but not baby.
Brown but not brown. 
Black but not a modern black and white. 
Rustic but chic. 
Barnwood but not too trendy.
Americana but not red, white, blue.
Textured but soft.  
Cohesive but not matchy matchy. 
Unique. Eclectic. Functional.
Warm. Earthy. Real. Relaxed. 
Boy. All American boy.  

Having it grow with him and his adventures,
 without him growing out of his big little space too soon.
If I'm keeping it real, 
it did not all come together for me with out an "ah-ha!" moment.
 The moment when you find that special piece that 
ties everything together. 
The must have item when your budget is thinning- 
but at that moment you don't really care. 

 I could not live with out that little gem of our nation, 
under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.  

It's the first thing you see when you walk in the room. 
It compliments the chalk board armiore along the other wall 
and it ties in my new favorite neutral. Black. 
Odd I know, especially in the nursery but I love the calm rustic-ness that it embraces.

 Keeping with the theme, I found myself finding little accessories everywhere,
complementing the whole vibe- and that's when I knew we had hit our stride 
and his big little space was coming together. 
It felt good. It felt right. 
I never mess with the feels. 

The most important of accessories has yet to make his appearance. 
We have the most anticipation of all in these next few days. 
After all, this space is just a space with out him.

Your big little space awaits. 
It's ready for all things you. 
Welcome Home Son. 
We already love you immensely. 

Image #1:
Crib, Dresser, Night Stand Chalkboard Armoire: RH Baby & Child
Hamper: PB Kids
Barnwood: Porter Barnwood
Custom Barnwood Valance: Git-R-Done 
Drapes: Pottery Barn
America Wall Art: Potato Barn
Diaper Changing Cover: Etsy Shop ModFox

Image #2:
Bookcase: Potato Barn 
Glider & Ottoman: Living Spaces
Arizona Sign: White Five Designs
Wall Art: Hobby Lobby
Mirror: Hobby Lobby
Black & White Bins: Babies R Us
Wood Bins: Kirkland Home
Tractor: Potato Barn
 Black and White Pillow: Living Spaces

Image #3
Same as above

Image #4
Play Mat: Amazon
Rug: Living Spaces
Crib Wall Art: Hobby Lobby
Bedding: RH Baby & Child
Wooden Stars: Potato Barn

Image #5
Rustic Chair: Junk In the Trunk 
Elephant Toy: RH Baby & Child
Handrawn Chalkboard Art: Autumn Matney  

Image #6
Storage Bins nightstand: Target
Muslin Blanket over chair: Babies R Us 
Storage Boxes: Hobby Lobby
Cactus: Hobby Lobby
Sign: Hobby Lobby
Elephants: Hobby Lobby 
Wooden Box: Home Goods
Book Ends: Hand made by his daddy

Here's to channeling that inner interior designer in you
or what feels like the best errand runner ever.

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